We are all about this.

In a time that some women make it seem like their pride and self respect are for sale to the biggest baller in the club and some men believe that as long as the shell out the cash they are owed some of the good-good, Eileen and Nikita The MC are letting it be known that it’s not the way the game will be played with them.

Eileen has a nice voice that has strength but yet she doesn’t feel the need to show out to the point that she’s oversinging the production, which works because it feels like she’s telling facts instead of just telling him off.  Nikita The MC gives good verses that have appropriate attitude, coming off as strong and self-possessed.  The beatwork, while dark, has a danceable edge to it likely due to the brighter undertones of the phone rings as melody and funky guitar riffs.  Definitely worth repeat listens, this danceable track with a useable message might be just the change of pace some women are looking for.

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