Sampling the Jeftuz remix of Kat Dahlia’s Crazy, Elhae pens a track that, while not as lyrically solid as many of his previous tracks, is still pretty good.  Starting off with him singing about taking the long way home so that he can stop off and see the person that matters most to him, he transitions into a rap about how he is coming out on top after people downed his talent.  The two sections are strong as separate parts, but are not a good fit when put together.  His vocals and flow, however, are still very much a strong point of his musical ability as he does well without the overuse of autotune, even in the sections that should come off as more monotone.  The beatwork by Gravez & Fortune is seductive and dark with enough variations to make the instrumental interesting on its own.  This is probably the closest the Toronto rapper has come to imitating Drake in both composition and production.

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