Multi-slash artist Ryan Leslie has announced that his new album, MZRT, will also be his last as he intends to retire after it’s completed, which has left some fans wondering why he’s deciding to leave his career so early.  That’s somewhat a misnomer, though, because MZRT will be 120 tracks with 12 being released back in July and one track a month being released starting today (August 5).  That means Ryan Leslie’s last track will come out in July of 2024.

That aside, one of the songs from the already released set of 12 is the Bobby V-assisted Sounds, which is about Leslie comparing a ride in the car to a different type of ride.  The production is solid with it’s bass laden background somewhat disguising that the track is a bit of a slow jam.  Both Leslie and Bobby V sound good with Leslie doing double duty as the rapper and the outro singer.  The lyrics do veer off a little at the start of the second verse into how much the rapper is about his money, but he does immediately get back on track, making things pretty solid.

If you’re interested in purchasing some variation of MZRT, click the button below the player.

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