Vocal (AKA Loverboy) has created a collection of tracks that follow a relationship from the moment that you see that person to the moment it ends and you start all over again.  Most of the tracks have a slow, seductive feel to them, but there are a few faster tracks that could easily get club play.  His vocals are, for the most part, strong and his tone is invested and give each track energy.

We will note there is a little bit of a schizophrenic feeling on a few of tracks as he goes from track where there’s no swearing to tracks where he’s turning the air blue.  It’s not that we mind it, but there whiplash effect when it comes to the mood.  Still, this is a pretty good freelease and, with a little cultivation, a talent with a future.

You can download the tracks individually through the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.