For their last album before heading off to military service, Rise As God album, Max and U-Know of TVXQ are offering two solo tracks as the leadoffs.

Max’s single is Rise As One, an inspirational EDM track about doing what you can to help other along the path of life so that you can become greater together.  We can’t help but think this song is about the TVXQ duo as they have been together for a while know.  While there is only one verse and chorus (repeated), this really strikes a chord with listeners thanks to Max’s incredible vocals and the upbeat timber of the music.

We rise with pop!gasa as well.

The dawn is still blue
The stars shining on the path I walked on
The ground that my feet stepped on became hard
It leaves behind footprints, telling my story
Under the eastern sky, I’ll leave it under my feet
Then we’ll rise as one

We’ll rise as one
We rise as one
We’ll rise as one
We rise as one

The warmth of the sun reaches the land
Like you, who warmly holds me
I’ve received the light so I’ll spread that light again
On top of this path that we’ll walk on together