The gentlemen of Blaq Tuxedo are trying to get a lady to reach out again after being hurt.

Cherish has an interesting progression as a track.  It starts off with kind of an old-school jazz feel with the piano-led opening production and one of the brothers taking on a little jazz vocalization (which he doesn’t entirely pull off).  It then goes into a more modern flow as it goes into the first chorus and second verse.  The last part of the song then transitions into a synthy R&B as the track fades out.  The overall effect should be chaotic, but the consistent melodic undertones, which is the piano from the beginning of the track, keep things on a constant pace and flowing smoothly.  The only issue we had was that, as the track’s production progressed into more moderns sounds, the sentiment of the song seemed to change as well; going from a genuinely caring disposition into something that ultimately ends up in the bedroom.  It doesn’t kill the song, but it does negate some of the “men aren’t all the same” vibe that had been built up in the beginning.

This is the first single from Blaq Tuxedo’s upcoming EP, Limousine, due out sometime in September.