Forte Bowie is back with a compilation of tracks that are as diverse as it gets.  Every track has a different style of production and has the rapper/singer offering a different type of different of flow and vocal delivery.  What does seem to unite the tracks is that every one seems to explore a different type of love.  Whether it be the love between a man and a woman, the love of money, the love you feel denied by your peers in your field, or love of your fellow man, the overarching theme is there.  While there is the overuse of autotune of few tracks, overall Bowie’s vocals are good and, while he doesn’t rap as much in this set, his flow is solid.  The lyrical content is strong overall, too, with each track giving the appropriate style of speech that fits the content.  The end result is a strong freelease that could have easily served as an pay album.

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