That moment when you want to be more than friends…

Ken of Vixx and Hani of Exid are playing to the shippers (or just outing themselves) and have recorded a sweet little love song together.  Gap is about the when two friends decided that they want to be more.  The production of the track reminded us of a 80s TV-show theme (in a good way), especially the chorus.  Upbeat with sweet vocals from Hani and gentle vocals from Ken, there is such a feel good air about this song that it just might change your mood.

Our one complaint is that the track ends abruptly as it feels like there should be a little more to come.

pop!gasa doesn’t leave us with a lyrical gap…

Out of the many people
Regardless of my heart
Strangely, you keep irritating me
I don’t like how you and my close friends
Keep contacting each other

I have strange thoughts
Out of the many people
What if only us two were left
I used to always viewed our relationship as friends
Now I just see a gap

I want it
A little more specialness with you (F.E.E.L)
That kind of relationship (a relationship that connects)

I want one thing
A relationship that doesn’t rush, that protects each other (that know right away)
I’ll be that person (a relationship that connects)

Let’s fill up that gap one by one
(Can you feel my love for you)
Softly, softly, let’s show each other our hearts
From now on, our relationship

Like 1+1
The answer comes out right away
If love was like that, it’d be so easy

Why are you worrying about that?
Think of it easily
Let’s fill up the gaps

When did we become like this?
I tremble every time I look into your eyes
There’s no need to play games
I’m HANI, your honey

It took this long so I could meet you
You looked at me just as I am
It’s how I really feel

I’ll give it to you
An overwhelming love that overflows (L.O.V.E)
I’ll give it all to you (become one)

I’ll give you everything too
Even the sides of me that you haven’t seen (more than anyone else)
I’ll show it all to you (a close relationship)