I’m feeling kinda ill…must be something in the air…TURN UP!

Dropping at 11:11 last night (of course) and with six of its tracks charting already, Dok2’s Multillionaire is a study in trap.  Filled with dark, bass-heavy beats and strong bars, there is no doubt that the album is full of bangers.  We can’t judge until we get a full lyrical accounting, but we’re going to guess there isn’t anything particularly deep here, but everyone needs some good turn-up music.  Featuring production by Jahlil Beats and DJ Mustard as well as vocals by Zion.T and Satbyeol, there is enough diversity here to keep the listener interested.

Our favorite track has to be 111%.  No hooks, just straight fire.  Check it and the entire album below.

If you’re looking for lyrics, keep checking jpopasia throughout the week; they will eventually pop up.