I’ve been avoiding this song because I thought, “How good could it be?”

Never judge a book by its cover…or, in this case, a song by its commissioner.

As promotion for their toaster pasties (this is enough free promo), Kellogg’s has enlisted the help of musical artists to do tracks that will be released over the course of the summer.  The first track brings together the unlikely grouping of Jhené Aiko, Rixton, Jessie J, and DJ Mustard for a pop song about keeping it moving even in the down times.  The vocals are nice, especially Jessie J’s as she tones down her usually full-voiced style for something that fits the midtempo beat a little better.  Aiko isn’t as prominent as some would like as she only takes final bridge but she does a good job nonetheless, Rixton doesn’t sound like all the gentlemen are being featured, although that could be a function of limited vocal space on the track.  The combination ends up being surprisingly good and listenable, having me eager to eat up (see what I did there) what else Kellogg’s has on deck.