While she made the announcement that her next album will be more uptempo than her first, Tinashe still has a few ballads in the vault that are making their way out.  Creation, a piano ballad that has the singer marveling at the wonderful person who has come into her life, doesn’t sound like anything else in her catalog (the closest track we could think of was Pretend).  You can, however, hear her lyrical abilities as she likely wrote this herself.

Now, the saying goes that piano ballads show the strengths and weakness of a person’s voice; that seems to be true.  Tinashe’s vocals are strong and emotive, but there are a couple of problematic notes here and there after long runs of lyrics due to a lack of breathe control.  Still, it occurs so little that most people won’t notice it and shows people who only know her from 2 On and All Hands On Deck that she is capable of more.