A little reference for this track:

Back before Luke James blew us away with his smoldering vocals on his solo tracks, he was a part of a duo called Luke & Q.  They released a called My Turn that got some buzz which, if you haven’t heard it, check it out.  The also (possibly) released an album, although most of the websites that have the tracklist vary on the number and title of the tracks.  The boys disbanded after they couldn’t catch fire together and both pursued solo careers.

While we know what happened to James, his partner Quinten Spears doesn’t seemed to have faired as well.  That’s a shame because the one song I heard from him, Breathe, back in the summer of 2008 was more than decent.  Good production, good vocals, good lyrics; there was no reason this didn’t get more attention.  So because it’s never too late to hear a good song (and because it took six years for me to track down a full version of the track), we give Spears his due.