For those of you unfamiliar with Korean culture, a common way that people show their concern for people they care about is to inquire about their eating habits and be how much they eat.  Zion.T flips that concept and gives us emotional food in his new track, Eat.

The short and sweet track has the singer professing love and hope for the people of the world; the visual confines that love and hope to the young woman in the video.  Zion.T’s voice is perfect for the track, which has strong R&B influences, and his tone is so sincere that he might bring you to tears.

While we won’t spoil the symbolism of the video for you, once we got it, we were impressed with the correlation that was made.

There’s a translation in the video if you hit the [CC] button, but we like pop!gasa to feed us those lyrics.

It’s not easy, you’re busy
You wonder why you have to go this far
There’s so many damn things they want
You want a break
It’s so noisy
It’s all so annoying, right?
Wanna go home, right?
(You are home)
But you want to go home

Then take this song out like eat it like chocolate
Even if you’re tired, make sure you eat breakfast and lunch
Then I’ll compliment you later

I miss you
I like you a lot
I want to hug you more
Love, love, it’s like love
Maybe I really love you

When you’re hungry
Take this song out like a morning apple and eat it
Even if you’re tired, make sure you eat breakfast and lunch
Then you’ll sleep better later at night

It’s hard
Because it’s beautiful
Recognize me
Don’t glance at me
Love me, me
Don’t miss it