Since we already posted the fun track from 24/34, we might as well give you the one for lovers.  JYP sings about how the woman he loves is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, and comments on how much he loves how no one knows that side of her but him.  His whisper voice is on point and full of emotion, sounding like a man who can barely contain the passion he feels a moment longer.  The production might remind some Clouds and longtime JYP Entertainment fans of the early years of his protégé Rain’s slower tracks (since JYP produced many of them, it makes sense), but it doesn’t sound like a throwback.  Our only wish was that he gave us more than two tracks, but maybe there will be more on the horizon.

pop!gasa stays on that grind.

Behind closed doors
She’s a totally different lady
And It’s driving me crazy

When I see her smiling brightly
Doesn’t seem like she ever did anything she wasn’t supposed to do
Her friends, her parents, even people who know her well
They have no idea how she is when she’s alone with me

I’m going crazy because of the side of her that only I know
She’s driving me crazy
No one knows, no one knows
Because of how she always shyly smiles

Behind closed doors, when she goes crazy
I’m gonna go crazy
Endlessly surprised, endlessly surprised
I don’t know how I live as I hold it in

She becomes a different woman when we’re alone
And nobody knows and nobody knows
She becomes a different woman when we’re alone
And nobody knows

After the door is locked
She becomes so different and I lose my mind
I just give myself all up to her