The finished version of a track that he used to perform when he first started, Lyfe Jennings reflects on his life’s journey in his new track, Gold.  Reminding us a little of Made Up My Mind from his first album, he recounts his sins over his haunting, acoustic guitar solo and talks about what he has learned from his past.  The appeal of Jennings has always been that he never sugarcoats his life so that he never comes across as preachy; just self-reflective.  The lyrical content is strong and comes across as something you would hear at a poetry slam if it wasn’t set to music.

Jennings explained the video’s concept to Centric.  “The concept of the video is me talking to my younger self.  There are consequences in everything you do. The gold, or the beauty in that is the lesson you get from it.  The things you say, the things you do, you can’t take it back.  All you can do is be better.”

This is the second single from Jennings’ upcoming album, Ten Years Later, coming this summer.