That’s right folks!  Now you can take us with you wherever you have some kind of internet connectivity.

Right now the station is in its fledgling stages, but you shouldn’t be hearing the same songs over and over again (hence why we took so many days to make sure there was enough music uploaded to cycle).  While the backbone of things will be the music we post on, expect us to keep adding to our library and, in the coming weeks, have specific programs to tune in for.

For example, starting this week, every Thursday will be Throwback Thursday with some of the best songs up to 2006 streaming for your enjoyment for 24 hours.

For our CJKpop fans, don’t worry that you won’t hear any of your favorite songs right away.  It takes a little longer to clear those songs but, when they do, you will get a nearly daily Two-Hour CJKpop Block!

You can find us at or by downloading the free Radionomy app to your device of choice and searching our site name.  It’s that simple.

We would like to thank everyone, from those who have been with us since the beginning to those just joining us, for the wonderful experience this year has been.  Here’s hoping we can get up to more in year two!