Late last year, JoJo said that she was putting the finishing touches on her new album (her first official outing in nine years) and we may have just gotten our first taste of it.  Over the mellow beat, she sings about the fact that she loves her man no whether or not her friends understand their relationship or not.  Her vocals are strong but have an edge of sweetness to them that makes it so she doesn’t have to oversing and shout to get the emotion through.  The production is a good match for the vocals in the respect as it is a simple beat that allows her to take control.

When talking about her upcoming album, JoJo explained the concept to ABC News this way.  “You can expect a diverse collection of songs that help to explain me as [a] young…which isn’t just girl power anthems or boy-bashing songs, but it’s a wide variety of different influences.”

Update: We now have the tagless version.