On Saturday, we posted Philly quartet MPrynt’s track If Later Never Comes.  Now the group have posted their full mixtape and, we have to say, we like it.  Some of the tracks take classic R&B hits and rework them into something new but there is a lot of original material here.  And while we were a little critical of their vocals on the project’s title track, we really like the direction that they took on the other songs; the dynamic vocals make them stand apart from other groups by showing that they can sing solos and harmonize to full effect.  There is diverse production to be heard, ranging from pop to hip-hop.  While the set is mostly full of babymakers, there are couple of solid love songs on here that are worth attention.  This is a solid first project and is definitely worth some buzz.

You can download the tracks individually through the player or in one file by clicking the button below it.