Producer esta. has dropped a couple of gems in the last week and we thought we would share.

The first track, Curved Valentine, was released on Valentine’s Day and is what the producer describes as “some headphone music.”  The curve aspect becomes clear as you can hear the warping of that can be considered his signature sound around the softer, xylophone-like notes in the track.  The production has a deep tone, but can’t really be considered dark because of an underlying upbeat feeling that permeates the production.

The second track, FkingAroundWithSomeNewJack, has the producer experimenting with New Jack Swing for the first time.  He was so unsure of the sound that he posted, “Just messing around. I never made some new jack shit nor ever really listened to it lol. Might delete it in the morning.”  We’re glad he didn’t.  The track has an undeniable 90’s sound to it, but it has the esta. feeling at it’s core that makes it into something else entirely.  The inclusion of samples from Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison is a nice touch as that song is still one of the ones that people can’t resist whenever they hear it.

Curved Valentine