Mélat has given us track that sounds like pure poetry set to a Spanish guitar.  The singer allows first allows the instrumental to absorb us a little before going into some beautifully deep lyrics that vividly describe the desire to want to spend the night with someone you love.  Her vocals are very good here, despite the fact that there is little adlibbing, due mostly to the fact that her tone gives the emotion of someone who is making themselves vulnerable.

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I’m not sure where dreams go to die
Doing everything to keep mine alive (with you)
Softly accuse
Love me, confuse me,
No lie
I hate saying goodnight to you.

Rockabye baby

I have failed
I have fought
I have found.

Sitting in stillness
I get lost in my thoughts
Listening to the drizzling rain
Window pane
Window pane
You saw through me like a window pane
I was scared and I still am
Save me when the rain comes flooding in.