On the verge of releasing their eighth studio album SHOEBOX late last year, K-Rap vets EPIK HIGH released a monster of a track with a monster lineup that was immediately banned for content.  With each rapper taking on the haters that have come after them for various reasons, the video was shot with the vertical phone perspective to highlight each person’s individuality better.

This is an amazing track and–not for nothing–I’m going to need an English-speaking rapper to included the line fuck your IP in a song about internet hate soon.

The translated lyrics are below the video.  Please note that a few of Beenzino’s lyrics are missing.



I’m a born hater
Dali Van Picasso
I’m Velazquez, Millet, el fuckin Grego, it’s my echo
You got the feel of a VJ? Shit, you’re all cheap versions of Blo, my imitators
This is how my personality always is even if there’s no problem
So I understand why you attack me
Be a man, why you act like a bitch
Wanna take off your pants and let it all out? Then do it
TaJinYo, you’re cute, I’m trying to love ya
It doesn’t go, my paradoxical life and my collapsed fortune that tries to draw infinity
Your useless complexes, no matter how much you try to go against me, it’s your loss
Your stupid accidents are due to your carelessness
I told you many times, I’m two counts above you
Whatever they say, I’m a monogamist motherfuckin one and only

I hate my haters, obviously
Times like this, I’m jealous of E-Sens, he has no haters
I can’t believe they say my success comes from my looks
You all suck up to Blo hyung but he’s right next door right now
So shut up but these kids don’t rest with the gossiping
I’m sorry but even your ex is my fan
Stop talking shit like you know your sin
I don’t need your feedback, honestly
Why do you and I have to talk about music?
The only thing you did to me is judge me with a click of your mouse
May I fuck you, no fuck your ID, no fuck your IP
Man I’m sick of your geeks

Verbal Jint)
Some of y’all are born haters
Male, female, old, young, distributed across all levels of society
Whatever I do, they respond with their innate shallowness
I don’t know if this is cruel to say but it’s in your nature
Type one, those whose careers I ended and the close people I knew in this industry
The characteristic that stands out in them
Is that they run sly business circles
As they expose the strength in my facts
Writing long, boring articles as if they’re experts
Type two, those who forget about their own unsuccessful lives and let out their anger instead
I’ve become that case for them, how cute and pathetic
But when it comes to the law, they demand countermeasures
All the other types, they’re like mosquitoes
The cleaner the air is in a village, the stronger and venomous they are
I want to let them live but I have no choice
Because buzzzzzz, they’re annoying

Wow look over here, cowards will run away, no doubt
Are you looking? If you don’t like me, then you do it
Hide carefully, I can see you, how dare you underestimate me
The scale is different here, it’s motherfuckin do or die

Verbal Jint)
My rap dementia smears shit all over the beat
Symptoms showed up starting a few years ago, it’s quite serious
Pounding rhymes that have nothing to do with the lyrics
Acting all quite and refined with my kind of looks
My friends are already all rap stars
But I’m like the floating oil in between
When they start naming not the best but the worst
My name is always on the top 10
I hear everything, all your cynical comments
My tolerance just keeps increasing, my fatal doses keep getting higher
Going past life or death to my strong mental holy ground
Saving my mental state by becoming a maniac
When the time comes, you get tired of winning in this industry
They’re already going after my neck
But I won’t bat an eye, even if I’m not that great
Because I’m a guy between the bitches

If you saw me when you were 18 years old
You wouldn’t be able to say these things, have this success
Losers saying that it’s all thanks to my company
Even if they hate on me, I’ll peel and eat em all like a carp, fuck em
Coming from Block B, debuting as a ballad group, fuck ya
I came here with skill, turn up on this floor
But they don’t know the monster hidden behind my concept
I was starting to feel tasteless so this is good
Mino, Huge Boy, yeah I became that
It’s your loss if you try to smack me with that attitude
Whether you’re a beat-eating beast or not, I can’t tell
You can try to cut me down but my feet feel lighter
I’ll do it perfectly, you’ll get mad
Before you criticize, look into the mirror
If I’m on TV, then just turn it off

They say I changed and I think it so
Because that’s what I wanted, from the bottom to being a champion
I don’t care about the criticisms or feedback from people who think they know it all
Me bobbing my head only goes with the beat
In the olden times, experience gave you a high position and seniority was everything (what)
If time is the fund, hurry and declare bankruptcy boy
Call the hyungs, even the CEO is ok
But the bigger my head gets, the more anxious you get
It’s easy to kill hip-hop, right? Do it like an 18 year old, you twenties people
Anybody’s under this air, commercial against MCs there (show time)
You think I’m rude for saying what’s true?
If my words provoke you, then just hate on Bobby
When you hold the mic, it’s like a thriller for the audience
When you hold the mic, even the pigeons fly away

Wow look over here, cowards will run away, no doubt
Are you looking? If you don’t like me, then you do it
Hide carefully, I can see you, how dare you underestimate me
The scale is different here, it’s motherfuckin do or die

Yo watch me on your TV to see how far I go, stupid
Yo, whatever I do, wherever I am, I’m better than you all sitting still, stupid
On the stage are machine-like kids who all look the same, trying so hard, let me just say one thing, that’s no no
Haters who hate even when I give, let me just say one thing, that’s no no