We are going to let Maryann take this one because we can’t do this story justice.

“This song is a story about a Future R&B singer/rapper who goes by the name Bae God.  Her fans dubbed her #BaeGod after the theme song she did for the “CookingForBae” Instagram in March of last year.  Since the name change and album, #BaeGod released the “This Is What The Moon Sounds Like” EP along with numerous collaborations and loosie singles.  The #BaeGod has done lots of press and over 2 Million plays under the name, but what if someone tried to come in and take the name from her?  After all the hard work of the #BaeGod what if that person tried to make a diss song about her?  What if after they were called out about their imposter style, they told her she does not matter because she doesn’t have that many twitter followers?  Is an artist’s work any less valubale based on that?  The only thing the real Bae God could do was call out this imposter and defend her name and her hard work, while the imposter Bae God blocks the truth on twitter.  This song is taking a stand for any artist on the come up, being bullied by bigger artists who feel the need to steal their ideas because they lack originality and creativity.”

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