Since there’s been a really positive response to our post Asian Artists To Know, we’re going to start a little integration from here on out.  And since I (Kel) am a Cloud from the days of Bad Guy and Handshake, the first track is going to feature the King of Kpop, Rain.

Around 2006, Rain was solidifying his hold on Asia and Omarion was riding high after his well-received solo debut.  It makes since that the two, who are both amazing dancers and have similar styles when it comes to music, would collaborate on a track.  The result was Man Up, a track about how both of them can take your girl and that you should at least fight for her.  The track was featured on the overseas’ edition of Omarion’s 21, so most people in the states didn’t hear it (which is too bad because it needed a video), but if the two didn’t perform the track in Rain’s sold-out Madison Square Garden show it was injustice to the audience.