In the words of a HotNewHipHop commenter, “Even Jesus never saw this collaboration coming.”

Meant for Screens On Lock: 4th Quarter Press mixtape (hosted by Digital Trapstars), this track is about as far away from what many Usher fans have been wanting from his as you can get.  It is every bit the standard bragging track, and it doesn’t do anything new with it.  Standard trap beat, standard Migos flow and adlibs (really, try not to hear every other song they’ve done when their verse starts), standard brags about money, women, and how hot they are.  The only real positive is that Usher handles the song pretty well, even if his vocals seem a little to smooth for the harder beat at times.  While the song is decidedly meh, the plus side to it is that it might bring a younger crowd towards the R&B veteran.