While we await Ne-Yo’s return to more R&B-centric music, two new leaks have hit the internet.

The first track, Lay Back Down, is a Ne-Yo demo for an unknown female artist.  In it he sings about that feeling when you don’t want your man to leave you in the morning.  You can hear those Ne-Yo harmonies underneath a bass-heavy but light production.  Who ever this track is/was meant for, we would love to see how the versions compare.

The second track, Same, has Ne-Yo singing about how he and his lady are complete opposites but meet in the middle when it comes to love.  While a little more pop, this track features the same light production, this time with an acoustic guitar taking prominence.  This is either a track from the upcoming album or throwaway, but it’s a nice sound.

Ne-Yo’s sixth studio album, Non-Fiction, is set for release on January 27, 2015.