Question: what do you get when you mix Drake with Aaliyah?  Answer: Rochelle Jordan.

Rochelle Jordan has put together something that is a pleasure to listen to.  While her vocals may reflect the influence of the late singer, the swag and lyrics are definitely more hip-hop in origin.  Her lyrical content is on point and the production is cohesive but not so similar that you can’t tell the songs apart.  The best part is that most of the songs are actually about taking control of a situation and finding your own worth within it, which seems at odds with the sweetness of the tone.  It works amazingly well; most songs like this are sung in a sassy manner while her delivery offers a more matter-of-fact, this is how it is feeling.  That dynamic is very refreshing and makes the tracks that much more interesting.

You can purchase 1021 from any digital outlet or the singer’s website, but you can get from iTunes by clicking the shopping cart in the player.