Immature is seeking to tell is that they are grown up.  Taking the route that many have before them and adding some sauce to their language, the trio brags about their bedroom prowess.  While we’re used to Marques Houston (Batman) taking primary lead, this time the song is divided pretty equally among the gentlemen and they sound good for the most part.  The autotune on what I believe is Jermone Jones’ (Romeo) rap is overdone and takes you out the mood, but the rest of the track is solid in production.

The group revealed their reason for offering this as a freelease.  “We wanted to give our fans and new comers a few free songs in 2014 to hear our new direction and sound. The first one is called Let Me Find Out produced by T Black The Hitmaker. We are so excited to bring our dedicated fans a tour and album.”

It’s not the greatest comeback track, but it will get the buzz they are seeking.


Here’s the clean version for those of you who might be on the job.