Beyoncé is due to re-release her 2013 eponymous album next week and the two original tracks have already hit the internet.

Ring Off is a surprisingly bouncy track dedicated to her mother that celebrates the elder Knowles’ decision to leave her marriage after years of being unhappy.  The zydeco-inspired production is a nice touch and gives an empowering feel to the track.  While the Love On Top callback and declarations of so sexy seem a little unnecessary, but the rest of the lyrics are good and the excerpt from a Tina Knowles speech ties in well.  Beyoncé’s vocals are great as well, doing more lowkey singing than over-the-top showing out.

7/11 is another story.  The best part of this track is the production which absolutely goes.  The lyrics?  They are barely lyrics at all as they are simply callouts of dance moves and things that happen when you’re dancing.  The vocals?  The uneven application of the autotune is disconcerting and the style just doesn’t fit the singer’s range.  While this will probably get a lot of club play, it’s hard to listen to if you’re not trying to turn up.

Both the Beyoncé: Platinum Edition and More Beyoncé (the $8.99 EP that contains only the new material) will drop about September 25.

Update: The video for 7/11 was dropped.  It doesn’t make the song any better, but it does look like fun.