The debut, full-length LP from one of our first submitting artists, Cardiac Da Pulse is looking to set his career off right with something that lets listeners know who he is right off the bat.  We have decided to highlight our favorite tracks on this project to show you why you might want to show some support.

100 Million – The first track sets things off right with Cardiac letting you know what the goal is.  The production for this track is slower than some might expect, being a lot more towards the slower end of mid-tempo than a turn-up track.  The concept is a little deeper than you might initially think as well.  You might think this is a money anthem by the title, but there is so much more about Cardiac trying to build himself and his team to something that people recognize as exceptional.  While there is a lyrical issue that will jump out at a lot of people towards the end of the first verse (I’m pretty sure that he meant “top shelf,” not “bottom shelf”), that doesn’t stop this from being a good opening gambit and a nice personal aspiration track.

See Me Fall – The fact that the previous track seems to flow so seamlessly into this one is a nice move.  Cardiac moves from telling listeners why he’s on his grind to letting them know why the naysayers might be throwing some salt.  The production by Nova is top notch and, despite the fact that it is mid-tempo, it does make you turn-up.  (Also, the lines got them records cooking in the crock pot and cashmere thoughts but I’m D-boy fabric are some nice allusions.)

Love My Way – I’m a sucker for good hip-hop love song.  Not that “thugs need love, too” bull that’s just about fame, cash, and hoes only over a slower beat and featuring an R&B singer; the kind that talks about the realness of a relationship and the feelings for a special woman in a way that is vulnerable yet still strong.  Cardiac is putting his feelings out there for everyone to see while telling his woman why she should be secure in their relationship.  And we see you, too, Montrey Slayton!  Despite only putting in a brief appearance, he adds just the right amount of R&B to give this track that love song feel.

Rise 2 Success – First off, then production just gets you from the first bar.  Second, the line To read me you gotta feel me like Braille should become a Twitter hashtag.  Third, talking about getting so caught up in reaching the goal you miss the pitfalls is an underutilized theme in modern hip-hop.  It’s really hard not to like this.

I Will Never – A dedication to lost friend/family member, I have a weak spot for these kinds of tracks, too.  This is straightforward, with no trying to veil things like he could be talking about someone who just doesn’t come around anymore.  This reminds me a little of Gangsta Lean.

My Father’s Religion – The play on words in the title shows just how much thought was put into this.  Sorry, Kanye, this is what a track about faith should sound like.  This talks about religion in a way that most people can relate to.  It speaks on trying to find the balance between what is seen as living a godly life and living that life that you want.  I especially like that he asserts that God tests him so that he can be stronger and know what the true joy in his life is.  A great way to end the LP.

This is a really good opening salvo from a new artist.  You can tell there was an effort to make a cohesive project as there is a story being told as the listener progresses through all then tracks.  Also, the fact that he can keep interest over so many mid-tempo tracks is wonderful as many rappers depend on a hard beat to make their songs interesting.  We highly suggest you drop by BandCamp and shell out the seven bucks to support an artist that is coming with a little something different.