With production tinged with a hint of the Eastern, Victoria Monét releases her first official project to the masses.  Featuring the single Made in China, which initially  was not supposed to be included in this set, the five-track set has outstanding production, but the lyrics are hit and miss. Choruses seem to have nothing to do with the content of the verses; songs seem to start off about one topic and, without any segue,  transition into something entirely different. That’s not true of every track, however. For the Thrill, featuring rapper B.O.B, is probably the most cohesive track, but even the rap verse doesn’t have much to do with the overall concept of the song. The vocals are pretty good, even with the lack of adlibs, and it’s clear that Monét has a point of view and a style all her own. With a little more polish, her next effort will be even better.