Drake’s birthday was Friday, but he is giving a belated gift to fans who are eager for the release of his upcoming album, Views From The 6.  Giving the reason that these three tracks have been (or will likely be) leaked by bloggers, he has decided to put them out himself.

While Drake’s singing abilities have improved (or haven’t undergone autotune), Heat of the Moment presents that thing that many people hate about him, jumping from one topic to another without any connection or segue.  The track starts off seeming to be about people not living up to their potential and some introspection about the direction of his life, but ends up (as always) about a woman that he wants to be with.

How Bout Now sucks you in with the incredible production right off the bat and his sing-songy bars are pretty good.  Of course, it’s still a Drake song, so you know it’s going to be about his haters or a woman…this time it’s both.

6 God is heat.  This track has solid bars (although it’s still about people who didn’t believe in im when he started out) and the beat and rhyme style gets the listener involved.  Full of braggadocio, yes, but it doesn’t stop it from being a good track.

Note:  These tracks are a little sometimey.  You can download all three in one package here or by clicking the shopping cart in the player.