This song is not about what you think it is about…

Mila J is coming with a song about friendship.  With her best female friend at her side, she knows that she has someone who she can count on.  The one that knew me before anyone else is something that everyone can appreciate.  The soundplay on the word main, which a lot of people thought was going to be the southern accented version of man, in both the title and the song is both good writing and good marketing.  Mila’s voice is strong but not as hard edged as it was on Smoke, Drink, Break-Up, showing that she has more tonal diversity than might be expected.  Ty$’s verse isn’t quite on topic, as he spends his time talking about the woman that holds him down romantically, but it still fits (somewhat).

M.I.L.A. (EP) is expected to be released September 30 and is said to feature Iggy Azalea, B.oB., and Problem.