The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri seems to awakening something in the minds of music artists.  The one that we should surprise people the least is Lauryn Hill.  She has been in musical hiatus for a while now, only release a track about her (then) upcoming jail time for tax evasion.  Apparently she’s been in studio during that time, however, because she has released a track that she recorded a while ago that seems to fit the current state of events.

Taking a few liberties with The Sound of Music‘s most recognizable track, My Favorite Things, Hill sings about the historical path Blacks in America have had to follow.  From slavery to the struggle for civil rights, she lays out the reasons for black rage but, oddly enough, why there is reason to be hopeful about where things stand now.

Note:  The lyrics are in the pic below.


Black Rage (Sketch) Lyrics