Whitney Houston’s birthday is coming up on August 9th and, to celebrate her life and music, Jade Novah has created a medley that will have you digging out your old Whitney albums.  If you are unfamiliar with Jade Novah, she is a YouTube artist that has done some astounding covers of songs like Beyoncé’s Countdown and Rihanna’s Stay, usually improving upon the original.  In this medley, she doesn’t try to copy Houston’s voice but, instead, uses her own talents to show how much she honored the singer’s style.  Worth the download and the tears it will bring to your eyes.

Medley Song List:
1. I Have Nothing
2. Saving All My Love For You
3. Greatest Love Of All
4. You Give Good Love
5. I’m Your Baby Tonight
6. How Will I Know
7. I’m Every Woman
8. I Believe In You and Me
9. When You Believe
10. All At Once
11. I Will Always Love You