Silver & Gold * Mylah * R&B/Pop * March 25, 2013

After appearing on a season of Making the Band that didn’t actually make a band, singer/songwriter Mylah decided it was best to do it on her own.

Growing up singing in church, the Indiana-born performer always had her mind on music.  An ASCAP award winner, Mylah has had the opportunity to showcase her vocals to songwriter Adonis Shropshire, who asked her to join  a group he was putting together; but, after LA Reid commented that her voice was a standout, she decided to go solo.  Releasing two mixtapes, The Preview and The Preview Pt. 2, she joined forces with Bryan Michael Cox.

Her first official EP, Silver & Gold is meant to show the world what Mylah has to offer.

1.  Silver & Gold – Not at all what I was expecting. Her mixtapes tended to have a more R&B sound, but this is definitely a more pop-like song to have as an intro, despite the harmonies. The song is a solid encouragement anthem.

2. Honesty – The first single off the EP. This takes us back to her more traditional RB sound. The premise, about being honest with a new lover about still being having feelings for an old one, takes the subject-matter on in a different way than it’s been tackled in the past. The chorus line say it all: Don’t tell me honesty only works when it don’t hurt.

3.  Pride – This has a pop/rock sound. The premise is about making a lover understand that, despite her growing fame, she would much rather have him than it. I like the song overall, but it doesn’t breach any new territory lyrically, especially in comparison to the songs around it.

4.  Many Miles – This is the standout track of the EP. The premise about the beginning of the end of a love affair. The lyrics are strong and the vocals showcase what Mylah is capable of.

5.  Breeze – The lyrics are strong and the vocals are emotional, but production is reminiscent of the pseudo-techno sound that began fading in popularity about the time this EP was released. Unfortunately, that makes what could have been a highly memorable track somewhat forgettable.

The EP is definitely worth the price of purchase.  It is not the most cohesive project sound-wise but, given the shortness of the set, the buffet-style  approach does work.  Most of the songs showcase strong lyrical concepts and the vocals are top notch.

Rating: 4.0