Are you an up-and-coming artist looking for a way to showcase your talent? Do you think you have something unique to bring to the industry? Do you just want to be heard? We have an offer for you!

Kel & Mel Reviews wants to help artists get their voices out there by posting/hosting your mixtapes and tracks. We don’t care what genre you represent, we just want to give you a platform.  Fill out the submission form below and we will contact you as soon as possible about whether or not you will be posted.

If this is your first time submitting music to us, we ask that you kindly read the following information PRIOR to your first submitting.

1.  By submitting your music to us you provide us with the rights/permissions necessary to promote your music and also understand that submitting your music for review does not guarantee your music will be featured on the blog.

2.  If you’re someone other than the artist, please ensure that you have the necessary rights/permissions to submit their music for review.

3.  WordPress has odd rules about Java and Flash players on their hosted sites, so if you want site users to preview your self-posted sounds with a player that will link to somewhere specific, for now you’ll have to post them through either SoundCloud, Audiomack, YouTube, or BandCamp at the moment.

4.  We now have hosting available for mixtapes and tracks.  If you want your mixtape or track either posted by or downloadable through us, we will make it available through either our Audiomack, Mega, or OBoom Cloud services.