After the release of 7 For 7, GOT7 seemed to be saying that they were leaving behind the sometimes cringey youthfulness of their early discography for something that reflected them more as they are now, a group of young men with their own styles who come together and make solid pop tracks that appeal to a wide audience.  We were really curious with the direction they were going after One And Only You took our breath away with its execution and strong vocal performances from all involved.  We wondered if everything else on the EP would sound like that or was it just a one off.  Given how much Look sounds like Fly, we thought the answer would be a one-off, but we ended up being pleasantly surprised by the maturity of this project.

And by maturity we mean they have not only settled on a sound for themselves, but a sound that they can keep evolving and adding to as they change and grow.  They have not pigeonholed themselves with overly-cutesy or overly-synth tracks that can be tiresome after a particular era has ended; we get some solid real instrumentation and more variation in the type of track.  That could usually mean something that sounds like chaos, but this is very cohesive and everything flows together well without sounding repetitious and wearing out its welcome.

The vocals have really grown since even the release of the last Flight Log EP with the confidence of lead vocals that we got from the last project mixed with even stronger harmonies and a better understanding of where to lay down an adlib for emphasis.  A couple of years ago, GOT7 was one of those groups that depended more on their stage presence and dancing to make a concept work and now it is very much a group that can work with any sound that you give them and come with the full performance to back it up.  We are more than eager for the next project to have an a capella track because they have gotten to the point where they could wow everyone with something like that.

There also seems like the group has improved their writing more.  We are hearing fewer and fewer English add-ons that don’t quite fit and the metaphors seem to be more substantial so that they don’t veer off in odd directions or lose potency halfway through.  A lot of this can be laid at the feet of BamBam and JB (Def Soul), who contribute to the writing pretty heavily this time around.  We would like to see the other members step up to the plate the next time around as it seems that giving their own perspective on things has improved the quality of their output.

Our one major complaint about this set is that it feels just a little to short.  By the time were are really ready for it to kick into high gear, they are seeing us off with Thank You.  This, more than anything, means that it’s time for GOT7 to come with a full-length album and truly make their mark for this generation.

Our favorite tracks are One And Only You and Us.  The most skippable track is The Reason.