Namjoon…sir…stop it.

This didn’t end up being one of our favorite new songs of the repackage, but we still like it.

Considering the heaviness that came along with Epiphany in terms of theme and imagery, we were wondering how the bright teaser and tone of this song would fit into the overall story that so many of their videos have given us. The answer (ha, ha) is that it doesn’t; this is BTS telling us that they are the shit and love every part of themselves even if you want to separate aspects to fit an image.

The rap line comes to play on a lead single for the first time in a long time and we love it. As much as we love the singers from this group, the skill of the rap line is what really makes them stand out from the pack in terms of hip-pop and hip-hop and having them really let loose with the poppy raps is a joy. Not that the vocal line is left out; the give us energy on the bridges and V drops a hot little flow in the middle of things just to vary it up and make us beg for a Taehyung mixtape once again. Kookie seems the most underutilized in terms of line division this time around, but we can’t say that more of him would have made this track better; he shines when he needs to and it all works.

The combination of the West Indian rhythms, dance-sax melodies, and Afrobeats undertones should have made this come off as pure chaos, but they dial back on these influences just enough so that they play off one another in an interesting way without striping them of the spice that they are meant to offer. They also manage to not overwhelm the voices thanks to the strategic drop-outs of certain elements when the soloist come through.

The lyrics, while nothing amazing, do hang together well and have just enough bravado and braggadocio to work without coming off as over the top (considering that we also have Ddaeng as a recent SoundCloud loosie). The talk it repetition is catchy as hell and is a good in-head refrain when you are feeling yourself.

In a lot of ways, this track reminds us of Fire and Not Today and could easily fit in on a playlist with those tracks as songs from this group to get you hype.

As for the visuals, we love this combination of bright, cute, saucy, and surreal. It fits in with the Afrobeats style of the production in a lot of ways. The creepy, not-quite-Pixar look of the gigantic members aside, this has great party atmosphere and the dancing is simple without being dull (also, the non-dancers are showing themselves to have improved A LOT since the early days). If fits in well with the series of DNA and Fake Love. We’ll be coming back to this one again.

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