Ciara drops her first single since 2015 and she is determined to take over the summer, but we don’t know…

When we first listened to this song, we were left in an interesting place.  We didn’t hate it or even massively dislike it, but we didn’t really want to listen to it again either.  We couldn’t really understand why; yes, the track sounded a little dated, but it doesn’t kill it as something to enjoy.  We had racked our brains trying to figure out the disconnect.  Then frequent contributor WillCollection put his finger on it when he said that this track sounded like Ciara was chasing Goodies…and our only disagreement was that, to us, it seemed more like chasing Get Up.

In some ways, this accounts for why the song seems a little dated.  It falls right in line with other songs that Ciara has done throughout her career.  In many ways it’s her style and we’ve seen it pop in every almost era she’s had.  And there’s nothing wrong with an artist having a signature style (we actually appreciate it), but it has to evolve over time and this track is just doesn’t display that.

The biggest downside is the lyrics.  Clearly either inspired by or was meant to be the follow-up to her tweet about this topic from earlier this year, the overall theme of the track is a good one.  She’s saying to never settle for less and to keep pushing until you’re happy and successful in a way the fits you best.  We completely get behind this sentiment but the way it is conveyed is lame.  The line yummy all in your tummy is extremely cringey and the constant repetition of the word level–especially on the last bridge where she hits us with le-le-le-level make it really easy to tune out and do so rather earlier in the the track’s run.

But, like we said, the song is not awful.  The melody is of the verses is nice and catches the ear.  The production, while a little dated and repetitive, stands out against the plethora of trap out there and that is very much appreciated.  Ciara’s voice also is probably at the best its ever been and she sound pretty good with a lot of confidence and sass in her tone.  It’s just not enough to push this over the top.  Honestly, we had no intention of even speaking on this and watching how the song was received.

So why are we posting on this track?  Two words: Parris Goebel.

The woman behind Justin Bieber’s Sorry and some of the most iconic moves in modern Kpop and her Request Dance Crew are all up and through this video putting down the moves.  The video is hype without ton of of money put behind it and a being filmed on a single set.  This choreography is solid and showcases a range of styles from the super sexy to the gritty.  This was the thing that made us go back for a second listen…and a third…and a fourth.  We’re going to start calling this the Goebel effect because this woman has the ability to make a mediocre song better just by making the video fiyah.

This appears to be the lead single to her seventh album, a yet unnamed project that she will be releasing through her own label, Beauty Records.  She has promised that this will be a return to her more signature style (as her last album, Jackie, showed a more serious side to her music) that focuses on dancing.  We hope that this isn’t indicative of what’s to come because we know Ciara can come with better music than this.