Jessi is out here serving body and summer bops.

We’ve had our issues with some of Jessi’s music in the past, but we’ll be the first to admit that even her worsts songs are imminently enjoyable on a beat/flow level.  This track, though, is one of the ones that ranks in the top because of how it shows off her talent and abilities and how she manages to make something work that really shouldn’t.

The summer flair of the track is actually the one reason we kind of thought it wouldn’t work…the island sound of the production trend has faded massively.  This sound was all over the place for about two summers before the masses got sick of it and, honestly, we figured we would hear this and keep it pushing.  But the flute that starts the track off is probably the thing that makes it stick and sound so good and different.  The breakdown towards the end adds a nice switch-up but doesn’t overdo it by overstaying its welcome.  We have to remember that Gray’s production abilities are some of the best on the planet and we should always think twice before doubting him.

But the real appeal to this track is Jessi and that voice.  She is one of those people who really does have the ability to rap and sing equally well and she uses her vocals here to great effect.  She has a sexy, natural tone to her voice–smokey and a little rough–that matches so well with the flute and steel drums.  She manages to give the song some grit without taking away from the sweetness of the musical tones.  She has a kind of false strain that works for the music she does; she never breaks tone and comes at you with the skillful adlibs of scale easily, but you are always taken a little aback because it sounds like she shouldn’t be able to break alto.  That dynamic makes her vocals a pleasure to listen to almost every time and makes a song like this a hit before she gets to the chorus.

The lyrics here are pretty straightforward, but it works for the song’s theme.  This is pretty sexy and direct for a Korean track done by a woman, but she manages to push the envelope without ripping it up.  The bilingual nature of the track is good as well.  She does more than just restate elements in English that were just said in Korean to fill up space so there is a reason to see what she’s saying and everything hangs together well.

Lastly, when it comes to the visual…baaaaaby!  Jessi is out here and unashamed and we are all in for it!  Giving us lots of twerk and summer looks, the visuals are solid match for the mood of the track and she can get enough posters out of these shots to have merch for years.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.