When we asked for NCT to get their feet off our necks we meant all of them, not just everybody but the 127 subunit.

With absolutely no rest between promotion for their first album and the upcoming release of their first Japanese EP, the members of NCT 127 slide out with another visual and another solid of a track.

The production on this track is their normal, bass-heavy, dance-urging bop.  Starting off with a lot of cowbell and some interesting moaning, the song builds in an interesting way.  You think that it can’t go any farther than where the full instrumentation seems to hit you in the face by the first chorus, but they switch it up by dropping some of the sound effects out for the second verse and bringing in new elements for the final chorus.  You would think that this would put this in the Fire Truck territory of being overproduced, but they manage to keep the balance and never overwhelm the ears.

The vocals are strong for this.  NCT U is usually the subunit we think of when it comes to the subtle harmonies and integrating them into a boisterous track with NCT 127 taking the more overt route for backing vocals.  This seems to integrate the two approaches well as, every time we listened to the song, we heard a new vocal element that we missed before.  The harmonies become most obvious in the breakdown and ending choruses, but you realize that they are always there and just choose pop out and make themselves noticeable in order to build tension.  It works and we hope we get to hear more of this on upcoming songs.

Something that Kpop fans might notice (if they can get a hold of the projects) is how a lot of the their favorite groups and soloists either tone things down or go more EDM in the production department when heading Japan.  This does not seem to be the case with NCT 127 as we already know that Limitless is also included in this set and this track is very much in their wheelhouse.  We’ll have see what Dream, 100, and Come Back sound like but we are really think this is going to be another winner for the team.

NCT 127’s Japanese EP, Chain, will be out May 23.

Sidenote: Step your young ass back from the camera, Mark.  Jesus, be a shield!