After announcing a joint tour that we hope we either be proceed or followed by a joint album project of some kind, Ro James and BJ The Chicago Kid released a cover a nineties classic that will make a good amount of their fans happy beyond belief.

When it comes to remaking a Jodeci track, you have to be on the spot with the vocals.  There was barely any chance that either of these two would come with a subpar performance, but they did a good job of making this track their own without changing too much of what makes the song itself.  Fans of the originals will recognize the key movements and adlibs, but won’t be able to sing along so exactly that this feels like a waste of time.

If there is one thing that might irk fans of either of the originals, it’s the production.  Whether you’re talking about the album version or the remix, one of the important parts of the production in either case is how the light melody that floats along with K-Ci singing matches with the bass-driven, heavier parts of the track.  The balance is off in this version for some reason.  Both elements are there but the bass is far too aggressive and the track loses some of the innocence that crept into it thanks to that balance of light and dark.

Ultimately, this track is about someone working up the nerve to approach a crush and failing, hoping instead that said crush comes over to them instead.  We are so used to the bravado of singers now, the fact that songs like this were easily mixed in with tracks like Gotta Love can seem amazing.  Of course, these two singers are part of a small group who are able to put some bass in their voices sexually while still bringing vulnerability to the table.  We could certainly live with some original material like this from the two of them…separately or together.