TVXQ is one of those groups that people have a tendency to remember deceptively.  Most remember the sharp suits, the killer dance moves, and the solid concepts, but we don’t always remember what it is about their songs that makes us love them so much.  This album reminds us–again–that what they give us is the talent to do different types of songs and fill them with rich sound no matter the number of members.

The way the album does it is really interesting; it strips down a lot of the production from what it was in Spellbound or Rise As God and breaks it down to a solid baseline and just enough instrumentation to make things interesting.  The beatwork isn’t uninteresting, but it does feel very different for them as it steps away from the brass that they have favored on their tracks and goes for funky rhythms, soft synths, and some classy EDM in places to keep the listener engaged.  This seems to be an effort to focus more on the vocals and let the two members shine in a way that they don’t always do with more verbose production.

And the vocals do shine.  Given that they are a duo, most people do not expect them to come with the great harmonies, thinking they would focus on the solos and their individual power.  Instead, they play up the backing vocals to a major degree and give you a full-voiced, flushed out harmony whenever they can.  The first track on the set, Love Line, is probably the most scaled back in terms of vocals in the set as it goes for the whisper-sing style.  Even then, the final bridge gives you the hints of layering that you’re in for once things really kick off with The Chance Of Love.  They end up topping thing off with Sun & Rain, a track that hearkens back the good old days of TVXQ acappellas (post coming soon) and shows you the true power of their voices in concert.

This is an great return for a group that, after so many roster changes, has managed to keep a level of quality that would be unheard of for many.

Our favorite tracks are The Chance Of Love, Closer, and Sun & Rain.  The most skippable tracks is Bounce.