This is the kind of sensory overload that we live for.

Sometime back in 2012, Hoya of Infinite said that he wanted to write R-rated lyrics and release an R-rated album.  Apparently he is on the road to that dream because the amount of sex that this track and visual exude are not to be denied.

The vocals on this track just seem to hit us out of nowhere.  He starts off with a sexy baritone before transitioning into some nice, strategically-placed falsetto for highlight at it works very well.  Because the production is very deep and bass-heavy, the moments where his tone is bright and light are good offset to the somewhat monotone strumming of the beatwork.  It all comes across very moody and seductive, leaving you breathless before the hook is completed.

Lyrically, this song does not mince words and yet still manages to keep things kinda lowkey.  There is no doubt what he is talking about–especailly once he hits us with the lines Don’t be shy/I’m already inside you baby–but it still manages to come across in a way that isn’t crass…likely due to everything that surrounds it.  This track screams babymaker from start to finish and the lyrics live up to the promise of the production well.

As for the visual, it can be hard to pull of a full dance video for a song this slow, but he does it and does it well.  The addition of the female dancer is an excellent touch and adds to the mood.  Breaking things up with a few male backup dancers breaks the tension some, but doesn’t overstay its welcome and things immediately get back to where we want them to be…the interaction between a man and woman.

We now want more of Hoya.  Whatever it takes, we need at least three more track or an EP to satiate this hunger he has awakened in us.  Let’s hope Genie doesn’t leave us hanging for long.

If you are interested in seeing more moves from Hoya along with Hyojin from 1Million Studios, check out their winning performance from Hit The Stage.

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