Before announcing last night that his new album would be dropping in March, Eric Bellinger blessed us with this sexy little bit of Love Day goodness to make your Valentine’s Night all that much better.

A mid-tempo bedroom jam highlighted by throbbing bass and a scintillating guitar riff that reminded us of Total’s Kissing You, this track has the right elements to seduce.  The lyrics are just the right amount of dirty and modern to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and have those moments of genius that Bellinger manages to creep in so that there is something memorable there for the listener to latch onto.

One thing that we are extremely grateful for is the lack of autotune on his vocals and the emphasis of melody on the majority of the song.  While there is one place on the chorus where the adlib loses control, he manages to buy it back by dialing back everything around and after it, making it sound like a natural escalation of the emotion.  Other than that moment, though, he sounds really good and it is amazing how much his natural tone has matured since he started out singing.  This is really helped by the fact that the song leans out of the trap mode that Bellinger has been in for the past few years and goes hard for the R&B vibes.  His babymakers are always good, but when he goes at them like this, he really shines.

When it comes to what to expect from his upcoming EP, we are up in the air about it.  The singer has taken a little downtime (for him) since the release of Eric B For President: Term 2 and has done a lot more features and E-Mixes than releasing purely original work.  This really means that he has an opportunity to surprise us with a new direction…though we think this track may be somewhat indicative of what’s to come.  Whatever it is, we are excited to hear it if only to know where he’s going next.

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