We’ve had this issue once before but it seems that our Submission Form was broken.  When some of you have been submitted your tracks and mixtapes to us, the emails have been attaching themselves to old, defunct chains and not appearing at the top of our inboxes as new.  Because of that, we have missed a large number of our submissions for a fairly large swath of time.

When we originally posted about this on Twitter, we thought that the timeline was for the code break was about three months.  After going through our email over the last couple of days, we have determined that the issue has persisted (and gotten worse) over the last eight months.  That means that if you haven’t heard from us in that time, there is a reason why and we haven’t been ignoring you.  We are currently going back though all our old emails to try and find what we missed, but we are prioritizing emails we have received in the last six weeks.

There appears to be two reasons for this issue.

The first (and least preventable) of them is there appears to have been a coding issue that did not properly attach email addresses to the submissions when sending them to us.  The second and most important reason is that some of you have been submitting using bots and automated form fillers.  THESE DO NOT ATTACH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO THE SUBMISSION and may actually mark some of them as spam.  You (or your representative) has to fill out the form yourselves in order to assure the best outcome.

To prevent both of these issues, we have changed our information gathering tool to Google Forms.  This will require you to submit a viable email address and allows us to keep better track of who submits and who we have responded to.  You can find the new form as an embed on the old submission page.  If you have submitted to us before, you can resubmit…but we ask that you wait a little while longer before doing so.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you for continuing to vibe with us while we correct these issues and continue to improve this site.


Kelcine (The Management)