Mary J. Blige has always been one for being passionate about her causes, donating money and time towards making the world a better place.  This time she is donating her voice and writing skills to the #TimesUp movement by providing some encouragement to the an aftermath of healing.

All about being able to take pride in the way that you can recover from heartbreak and tragedy in life with the love of those around you and your inner stregnth, the lyrics for this hover somewhere between cliche and inspirational.  You can tell that Blige is not trying to give concrete examples of hardship because she wants the track to apply to as many situations as possible, but that does mean that some of the lines come off as platitudes.  Still, there are lines like Look what we’re made of/Beautiful scars on us that stand out and give you something to latch on to.

Vocally, this song is just fine.  Blige has been one of those singers that has known how to use her instrument effectively from the beginning but has improved her tone and stability over time.  If there is one thing that makes her sound somewhat different here is that the track overall seems somewhat unmastered.  There are a few leveling issues between the backing harmonies and the solo track that keeps them on par with one another, but that has nothing to do with her performance which is strong and expressive throughout.

No word if this is just a loosie for the cause or if this will be turned into a single for an upcoming album.