We have been waiting for this.

If you check out some of the track-by-track reviews we’ve done in the past, you might notice that we only have two 4.5 scores in the bunch.  One belongs to Solange and the other belongs to Lenny Harold.  When he really gets into his element, his vocals and writing are a things to be reckoned with…and he is in his element here.

The production of this track is so simple.  There really isn’t overarching melody for the bulk of the track, the instrumentation is pretty bare in terms of the number used, and there are few flourishes to make one part stand apart from the other.  But this really doesn’t need it because Harold’s vocals are the star of the show and give you everything you need to make this track work.  His falsetto is mesmerizing and the way he transitions from his natural tenor to the upper register and back is flawless.  The backing vocals and harmonies add strong support in places where it’s needed, which is usually in the places where the singer doesn’t come with the runs and adlibs.  As a listener you float along effortlessly, being led to the highs he wants to take you and you don’t realize the ride is over until the final note sounds and you want to hit replay and experience it again.

The lyrics in this are good.  While there isn’t necessarily a particular line that stands out, it is the totality that takes up space in your brain and make it stand out.  Speaking on his love and loyalty to the woman in his life, the assurances he gives about not wanting anyone else don’t come off as defensive as much as grounded in something real that he doesn’t want to risk for no good reason.  The expression isn’t overly flowery, but also isn’t crass or trying to pass the emotion off as something that he’s saying out of desperation; it seems like a love letter and one that a lot of people would be ecstatic to receive.  Lord knows we have fallen in love with this track.

This is the first track from Harold’s upcoming album, A Fighting Chance.  You can purchase it by clicking the shopping cart in the player.