Dropping her last name (Brown), Rhyon is showing that all you need is talent and a vision and you can make jaws drop.

To say we weren’t expecting this much depth and fun in such a short album is an understatement.  Usually, with a runtime less than 40 minutes, most artists would try to show us a sampling of what they are capable of with only the mildest connection between tracks.  Rhyon took a different route and gave us a multifaceted album that speaks to the connection of the inner self so effortlessly that you don’t even realize that you are getting some affirmation until its almost over.  Through the course of this journey, you will get a chance to hear every track that is included in her new project and, by the time its done, you’re going to know whether or not you want to support it or not.

The lyrics are very well done.  Every song has a line that sticks out to you and makes you remember it and nothing seems to be superfluous to make something that sounds good work.  The really amazing thing is that there is a lot of social consciousness and introspection here outside of the interludes and you realize that, even without the images, there is a story being told here and we are all going find a part of ourselves in it.

Her vocals are lovely.  She has a very strong voice that hovers in the alto range, but she manages to shift tone like it its second nature and gives the right amount of voice for the theme of the track she’s working with.  She can give us rich, emotional vocals and then switch it up on us with some melodic, breezy trap without giving us whiplash.  A hard feat to accomplish but she does it like it very few can.

Even the production surprised us.  While we can’t say that anything here is going to stand out against some of the more memorable beats of the last ten years, we will say that nothing is generic and gives a good a mount of support of the songstress without making her sound boring or dragging down the quality of the track.

You can purchase the album that shares its name with this piece online now by clicking the button below the player and going to your preferred digital outlet.  You can also stream it here.