Majid Jordan just have a thing for good production and arrangement; it makes almost anything they do stand out and sound great.  We liked their sound when we heard it under Drake and loved it when [|] hit us with its vibes.  Their new video for their track Body Talk gives us a visual representation of their aesthetic and we love the way the sound and the images flow.

The upside of this track is the production.  The smoothness of the production is warm but not sleepy.  There is a nice variation at the end of the chorus with the harder beat coming in and at the end of the bridge when the snaps come up and the melody fades out some.  It keeps the same mood but keeps the overall sound from become monotonous.

The lyrics are passible.  Nothing new, but nothing so boring that you tune them out completely.  The line there’s no text or call that’ll show you what I’ll do stands out to us for some reason, even though we know that line has been used before.  The entire song gets its point across without being crass and comes off as a little seductive thanks to its innuendos.

Vocally is where this song falls down.  Majid’s voice isn’t bad by any means, but it also lack one of the essential elements it takes to make a track stand out.  You either have to be an amazing vocalist and really do your thing with your instrument or you have to be the singer that puts so much of their personality into a track that it can be hard to fathom anyone else doing it better and this displays neither.  After the first listen, we spent a good part of the song trying to think of other artists that would show off the full potential of this track and that should never be the case (we came up with Luke James, SZA, and Eric Bellinger for top three of that list, BTW).

Majid Jordan is one of those production duos that we have always thought was great at the behind the scenes part of the making music.  They are pretty good writers and their production is amazing, but, once they get in front of a mic, they fall into the realm people like The-Dream and PARTYNEXTDOOR; artists’ whose work is usually better performed by someone other than themselves.  This and the album are definitely worth a listen, but we don’t think this is something that you are going to love long term.

This is the second single from the duo’s new album, The Space Between, out now.